Frequently Asked Questions

At Springchat we believe that great teams are what makes a great product and for that reason we are always looking for amazing people to work with. If you believe in what we are doing and want to build technology that we hope will be in the hands of millions in the years to come, we want to work with you.
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1. How are the instant chats anonymous?

When you sign up to become a Springchat user, we ask that you create a username for yourself that does not bear resemblance to your real name. That way when you enter a chat noone can link your username to you. There are also no “profiles” on Springchat to further distance you from having a permanent identity, to give you the freedom to chat on any topic freely and without any pressure.

2. Can I extend past the first 5 minutes?

Yes you can. If the 5 minutes in the instant chat aren’t enough, then you can extend for 1 more session of 5 minutes to continue the chat.

3. Can I add people to my friends from an instant chat?

Yes of course! This is a key feature for us because it allows you to make friends based on common interest rather than anything else.

4. Can I hide my identity from my friends?

Yes, we have an option within your settings to allow you to change your level of privacy. If you would prefer for your friends not to see your real name then you can set your identity to show your username instead of your real name. This option can be toggled between and changed at any time.

5. What happens if I don’t find a match instantly?

We try our best to match you in a chat as quickly as possible, however, if by chance there aren’t any users available to chat about a topic at any particular time then we will make sure to notify you as soon as someone initiates a chat for the same topic. If you tap on this notification it will put you straight into the chat.

6. What is my newsfeed made up of?

Your newsfeed will be a mixture between what’s trending and your interests. This can be anything from an article to a video all the way to a tweet.